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If the device has a ‘BATTERY OK’ LED, check that it remains on steadily. One of the eight external inputs already comes with a temperature sensor for monitoring temperature where the Sensaphone 800 is installed. Do not place on or near a heat source, such as a radiator or heat register. The 800 has a built-in ability to monitor for power failures and to detect high sound levels.

This can be programmed from 1 to 10 repetitions. Sensaphone® Model 800 User’s Manual IV. This Remote Monitor Accept Inputs for Monitoring Temperature, Humidity, Water, Rainfall, Smoke and More Environmental Parameters. • Do not use your Sensaphone 1400 near water, or spill liquid of any kind into it. By regularly testing your temperature alert systems from Sensaphone, you can head off unforeseen issues and ensure that you alarm system functions at top capacity. Previously called "auto dialers," these systems notify you if they sense undesirable temperatures or other conditions.

How many people can notify sensaphone 800? Callif you have any questions on how a Sensaphone can work for your application. SENSAPHONE 400 User’s Manual 8. New capabilities include: Real voice capability - Record voice labels for to identify the unit and each input! Create a test alarm on each input and allow the unit to contact all programmed telephone numbers (by text or phone call) or email addresses. net website please go to: www. • Be certain that your power source matches the rating listed on the AC power. And instead of being able to notify four people,.

They can call you on the phone and talk to you about an event that is occurring. The Sensaphone Model 1100 will operate with all standard telephone systems that accept pulse or tone dialing. FGD-L8500 Sensaphone 8500 Zone Type. 62MB) Sensaphone 800 Technical Specifications (130KB). The power cord or plug is frayed or damaged. • Do not use your Sensaphone 1800 near water, or spill liquid of any kind into it.

Sensaphone Cottage Sitter, 1400, 1800, 2800, Express II, SCADA3000, Station Sitter, Skymetry all available quickly. Sensaphone 1800 Manual VOICE REPETITIONS The voice repetitions is the number of times the 1800 will recite the alarm message per phone call when it dials out. 8K thermistor (temperature) sensor like the FGD-0101.

Sensaphone Model 800 User’s Manual ® 2. 3 Power Surge Protection The Model 800 can be damaged by power surges and lightning through the telephone line and the 120 VAC power supply. Please note that a temperature sensor is preinstalled on these devices. Sensaphone 8500 has plenty of space for wiring inside the plastic enclosure, no connection exposes to the outside environment, this promotes safe operation and a tidy environment. Downloads Sensaphone 800 User Manual (6. The Sensaphone® Model 800 uses six 1.

6MB) Sensaphone 800 Sales Literature (3. Certain private telephone systems and public switching equipment may. Sensaphone Express II Monitoring System. Access the Sensaphone. The international kit includes a variety of different style plugs for use outside of the U. ” Finally, keep the AC adapter unplugged so that a Power Failure alarm occurs.

We have 1 Phonetics Sensaphone 800 manual available for free PDF download: User Manual Phonetics Sensaphone 800 User Manual (136 pages). See full list on blog. Although the Model 800 has built-in surge protection, we recommend that additional protection be obtained for the unit and for any electronic equipment that is attached to your power supply and telephone lines. style plug for use on 120v/60hz power. This will test the unit’s ability to answer the phone and speak a message. Skip to main content. 2 RELAY OUTPUTS: Two relay outputs are available, the leakage relay and the fault relay (power failure and cable break). Sensaphone 800: Sensaphone 1400: Sensaphone 1800: Sensaphone 2800: IMS-1000.

The Alarm Is Acknowledged. Same or next business sensaphone 800 user manual day shipping on models 400, 800 &. Great for monitoring remote locations, such as a vacation home or business; Model 800 accepts 8 sensors to monitor 8 environmental. Sensaphone Model 800 (new replacement for the 1108) When you need to monitor additional conditions, or need to notify more people, the Sensaphone 800 is the best choice. This will make sure that the device is programmed properly. If you have any questions about testing your Sensaphone system, contact us ator send a question to our technical support team. SENSAPHONE 1800 User’s Manual FEATURES The Sensaphone 1800 Includes the following features: Eight Zones configurable as temperature, 4–20mA, or dry contact Scaleable Range for 4–20mA Zones Calibration for each Zone Each Zone can be individually enabled or disabled Power monitor Fully automatic input configuration.

5 volt C cell batteries as backup (not included). · To access your devices and accounts on the Sensaphone. Check the status report by pressing WHAT IS, then STATUS on the keypad. Plug in the AC adapter after the unit has finished dialing all of the telephone numbers. You must, upon request, provide this information to your local telephone company. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. It has all of the same features as the Sensaphone 400, but instead of four external inputs, it is equipped with eight. 8K Temperature Sensor.

The 400 & 800 come standard with a U. Description The Sensaphone FGD-0800 alarm dialer has eight (8) alarm inputs and can contact up too eight (8) different phone numbers in an alarm event. X10 technology is a suite of control modules that plug into your existing electrical outlets and transmit coded signals to lamps, lights, and. Sensaphone 1400 & 1800 Monitoring Systems. to monitor eight conditions. It will also verify that the inputs are reading properly, the alarm conditions are neutral, the electricity is on, the microphone (if it has one) is functioning and that the batteries are working. • To protect the Sensaphone 1800 from sensaphone 800 user manual overheating, make sure all openings on the unit are not blocked.

Part 68: The Sensaphone® Model 400 complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules. Allow the unit to dial all programmed telephone numbers (similar to the test mentioned above) while running on battery backup. Make sure the report states that “power is off” and sensaphone 800 user manual “battery is OK. How does the sensiphone 800 work? As soon as a situation arises, the Sensaphone will find you and tell you about it. Manuals and User Guides for Phonetics Sensaphone 800. 62MB) Sensaphone 800 Technical Specifications (130KB) Sensaphone Model 1400. 3 ControllIng lIghtS or other devICeS Using X10 technology, you can remotely activate any electrical device or appliance in your home through your Sensaphone.

This unit has an operating range of 32° F to 120° F with a remote temperature sensing range of -20° F to 150° F. We are currently working on making our websites more accessible. net REST API documentation: Documentation.

On the back of the unit there is a label that contains, among other information, the FCC Registration Number and the. Liquid has been spilled into the product or it has been exposed to water. Versatile and affordable, the Sensaphone 800 Alarm Dialer provides customers with an easy and inexpensive way to monitor remote facilities including greenhouses, residences, cottages, commercial facilities, barns an more. Sensaphone 800 User Manual (6. Sensaphone® Model 800 User’s Manual I.

Sensaphone 800 User Manual. 0 out of 5 stars The manuals are very well written and easy for my guys to set up Reviewed in the United States on Aug Have been using sensaphone products in our rentals to protect from flooding and heat failures. Each alarm input can monitor a Normally Open or Normally Closed sensor type, or a 2. Phonetics Sensaphone 800 Manuals & User Guides. It will automatically monitor for a power failure. Comes with a 6&39; power cord and uses the 2. Product Details: The Sensaphone 400 & 800 Monitoring Systems offer small-business owners, vacation property owners, and other property managers an easy and inexpensive way to monitor a remote facility.

SENSAPHONE products IMS1000, IMS4000, FGD-0400 can notify you in a variety of ways when a problem is detected. Also, it may not be installed on a party line or pay telephone line. Sensaphone ® Model 800 User’s Manual iv 1. Database contains 1 Phonetics Sensaphone 800 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Operation & user’s manual. • To protect the Sensaphone 1400 from overheating, make sure all openings on the unit are not blocked. Sensaphone 800 Monitoring System 4. It can be installed in any clean indoor environment to monitor a variety of applications. Sensaphone Remote Monitor Model 800 For property owners, small businesses, and more, the Sensaphone sensaphone 800 user manual 800 offers an easy, inexpensive way to monitor a remote facility.

User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Phonetics Sensaphone 800 Telephone. The Sensaphone Model 1100 cannot be used on an extension line to dial its own telephone number. Sensaphone 400 & 800 Monitoring Systems. Model 800 Detects a Change at the Sensor • Model 800 detects a change in the monitored condition (from the sensor wired to one of the zones). It will also prepare personnel to respond appropriately when they receive a call from the Sensaphone. 5 out of 5 stars 9.

These systems notify you if they sense undesirable temperatures or other conditions. If you are using a phone-based device, call the unit and listen to the Status Report. It will continue to make phone calls until someone responds to the call. The unit has been dropped, or the cabinet is damaged. 28MB) Sensaphone 800 Sales Brochure (3.

The 800 model accepts up to eight external sensors, such as a rain sensor, temperature sensor, etc. Dealers & Volume users – Call for even LOWER pricing on Sensaphone! What plugs does a sensiphone 800 use? They can even fax you, page you, e-mail you, and more. FCC Requirements Part 68: The Sensaphone® Model 800 complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules.

The Model 800 is ideal for monitoring your residential home and applications. When an alarm is detected, the Sensaphone 800 can notify up to eight people by making voice phone calls. On the back of the unit there is a label that contains, among other information, the FCC Registration Number and the Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for this equipment.

If you have any issues navigating our site, please feel free to contact us via phone atand ask for the web ordering department. If your Sensaphone is equipped with batteries, test them by unplugging the AC adapter and making sure that the Sensaphone continues to function. REST API Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ.

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